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Do you need of expert tree services? Welcome to Pro Tree Removal Melbourne, your local qualified arborist. Not only do we remove trees, we also provide a range of related tree services such as as tree lopping, tree trimming, stump grinding and pruning of hedges and shrubs. We also offer palm tree removals and cleaning.

Our arborists are qualified experts in tree cultivation and the management, preservation and maintenance of the landscape ecosystem. We can easily access the difficult places on your property to undertake a range if activities such as transplanting, trimming and thinning. We can also help with the prevention and treatment of tree diseases and parasites.

About Us

Pro Tree Removal Melbourne has over 10 years of experience in the residential and business community. All our qualified tree surgeons have been professionally trained and qualified. Our arborists are certified to undertake any kind of tree removal and pruning service. We can advise on all aspects of your tree management and make sure that all the necessary permits are obtained before any work commences. Our tree experts can also issue written reports on the overall condition of your trees and shrubs and make recommendations.

Our highly trained staff only use modern, professional equipment such as climbing harnesses and other safety apparatus, safety vests, safety gloves and protective helmets. They will be able to access all parts of your property; climb trees as necessary and carry out trimming and tree removal in a safe and secure manner.

We hold substantial insurance for our employees in the event of an accident. This is in addition to liability insurance ($10,000,000), which covers any possible damage to our customer’s property. We always clean up after our work, take away any unwanted and waste material, and leave your gardens spotless.

We are passionate about our work and our mission is to provide a professional, safe and eco-friendly service to every customer; no matter the size of the job. Our vision is to be the top provider of professional tree care in the Melbourne Metropolitan area.

Our prices are very competitive and we are confident that we can give you an obligation-free, affordable quote that you will surprise you.

Our Services

Here is what Pro Tree Removal Melbourne can do for you.

 > Tree Removal

The removal of trees can be for a wide of reasons. These include storm damage, earthquakes, disease or bad infestations. Sometimes trees are extracting too much soil nutrient and are affecting other plant growth.  Overgrown roots are a common problem and can create a risk to house foundations or underground piping. An ancient tree or one in bad condition can create a potential hazard to people walking near or underneath it and may require removal. Ask about our rates and how we can improve the look of your property.

 > Stump grinding

We can either remove a stump completely or grind it down below ground level. This will ensure safety from people tripping, remove unsightly stumps and also eliminate the risk of disease from fungi and termites. Once removed or hidden from view you can pave it or plant over it.

 > Tree Maintenance

Our tree professionals can maintain a tree’s integrity and extend its lifespan by removing decaying or dangerous branches. We will also help you to care for your shrubs, hedges and plants.

 > Tree Pruning and Trimming

Overgrown trees that are not properly taken care of can die prematurely, creating a hazard which may also damage your property. Professionally pruned trees will look better, live longer, provide more sunlight and reduce the risks of damaging your property or overhead power lines.

If your trees, shrubs and hedges have grown out of control we can provide a professional pruning and hedging service.

  > Mulch Services

We can provide chippings from your pruned trees, broken branches and cleared vegetation which will make excellent mulch for your garden. Tree removers have the machinery to make wood chips from your trimmed branches and other vegetation. These chippings can be used as mulch and spread over the surface of your soil. This will improve the fertility of your garden, reduce weeds and help conserve moisture.

 > Emergency Tree Removal

Maybe your house has been damaged or your road has been blocked by a fallen tree. If so, we are on 24 hour standby to come to your rescue and safely remove the fallen or damaged trees.

 > Arborist reports

Our qualified arborists can advise on all aspects of your trees, hedges and shrubs. They can help you plan your garden so that it looks better, is healthier and is more environmentally friendly

Our Advantage

There are a number of reasons why it would be wise to call in the professionals.

 > Safety. There may be trees on your property that constitute a danger to your family, your employees or the general public. Storm-damaged brittle branches can fall down and dead tree trunks can dry up and snap. Unsightly stumps can constitute a tripping hazard and attract pests such as termites. Out of control palm trees and other tall trees can threaten nearby structures or overhead power lines.

 > Environment. Our tree surgeons and arborists will advise you on the management of your trees and shrubs to ensure they are healthy. They will remove trees, shrubs and vegetation that are deemed hazardous and invasive to the environment.

 > Permits. You will need to have a permit before you remove most types of tree from your property. There are special regulations and zoning laws which control the removal and even the pruning of certain trees. This can depend on the size and type of tree and its precise location. Tree removal experts can advise you on what permits are required and assist with the applications. Arborists will ensure all the relevant standards are complied with.

 > Aesthetics. Improve the beauty of your property by removing unsightly, trees and shrubs; prune hedges that are out of control; remove dead palm tree fronds; increase the sunlight and provide a more pleasing aspect to your garden.


Service Areas

  • Melbourne Inner City, Central Suburbs and CBD
  • Eastern Suburbs and Souther East
  • Northern Suburbs and North East
  • Western Suburbs
  • Mornington Peninsula and Bayside, Geelong

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