Welcome to Pro Tree Removal Melbourne

Pro Tree Removal Melbourne is as full tree service company based in Melbourne that aims in providing commercial and residential customers arborist-related services. We have whole tree chippers, hydro axes, track-stump grinders, skidders and rubber tire stump grinders as our very own land clearing division. We all know that working both on and around fully grown trees is definitely a serious business. Do not deal with amateurs! Us, here at Pro Tree Removal Melbourne, have had more than ten years of quality experience on hazardous tree removal, clean-up and pruning.

Pro Tree Removal Melbourne is a seasoned and knowledgeable arborist that provides high quality tree and landscaping services. We provide free and instant quotes and a variety of enhancement and safety services!

For that Difficult Tree Task, Get a Specialist!

Dying or dead trees tend to put your property or home at risk. Don’t wait before an emergency strikes for you to take action. Pro Tree Removal Melbourne specializes in all your tree removal needs such as those that are in proximity to your dwellings. We are a licensed and certified arborist that has been known in giving customers guaranteed satisfaction. We can also help you in removing trees that are infested with EAB (Emerald Ash Borer) and emergency removals from that of inclement weather or storms. In simple terms, we are your one stop shop for tree removal!

We Possess State of the Art Equipment for Your Needs!

Pro Tree Removal Melbourne brings top-tier equipment for your projects from haulers, bucket trucks, cranes and shippers. We always have all the right tools on our site to ensure that we provide safe and smooth services.

Tree Removal

Here in Pro Tree Removal Melbourne, we guarantee that all our services are without a single ounce of doubt, the best in all of Melbourne! We simply supply professionalism and excellence with unparalleled safety. We are the leading provider in all kinds of tree services and our staff are bonded and fully insured for your property, you and your family’s benefit. They are fully covered whilst performing any work being done on your place of business or on your homestead.

What is an arborist?

Licensed arborists work in a wide range of capacities but all specialized in one area which is tree care. Arborists care for trees through systematic and careful pruning which is done by breaking or securing large branches, diagnosing and treating invasions from pests and in fertilizing trees, if need be. They also focus on the removal and planning of trees. They are the ones that work out the planning of tree-care budgets and the calculation of tree values for municipalities and companies. If requested, they can give public talks regarding tree health.

Arborists have the need to be on good shape at all times because jobs call for a lot of challenging and dangerous roles. They climb trees with very heavy equipment and carry huge heavy branches. Most days are long and tiring but they are also fulfilling as they know that another tree is saved from having a disease.

What are the qualifications that an arborist have to obtain?

Arborists and arboriculture, in general, are not regulated unlike how forklift operators, plumbers and electricians are. Currently, there is no legal requirement in holding a certificate or license of competency, although WHS (Workplace Health & Safety) ordered a legislation to ensure that all the staff or people in the work place are being given proper instruction, adequate training and supervision. Aside from this, there is almost no policing being done for the requirements. This can be the reason why a lot of under-trained tree-lopping companies have surfaced in the past decade. To check for updates on this matter, visit http://www.education.vic.gov.au/victorianskillsgateway/Students/Pages/OccupationSearchDescription.aspx?type=occupation&keyword=&searchid=794.

Pro Tree Removal Melbourne Services

We have a wide variety of services to offer aside from tree removal which are listed below:

  • Tree Lopping – It the process of trimming or cutting a certain part of a tree;
  • Stump Grinding – It is the process of removing tree stumps using a rotating disk for cutting that chips away wood;
  • Pruning – The process in which superfluous or unwanted sections of trees are reduced or removed;
  • Land Clearing – Taking out the trees that obstruct a clearing of land;
  • Tree Transportation or Relocation.

Don’t Let your Property be Victimized by Dying and Dead Trees!

If you have a tree that is slowly dying without any obvious or visible possible cause, there is a big chance that it is being under attack by Emerald Ash Borer. Pro Tree Removal Melbourne advices you to call us at once to remove these dead Ash trees soon rather than later. These trees become extremely brittle when dead which is bad news because it is a big risk to you, your home and and to our tree-care team.

The staff of Pro Tree Removal Melbourne uses their degrees in Biology and also their long experience in the tree-care industry in helping you make ample and informed decisions regarding your situation.

If ever you have worries about your trees, give us a call today for a free assessment!